Monday, September 19, 2005

I'd like to be Under The Sea!

In an Octopus's garden! Nuff said! Pass the bowl, valu-rite vodka, and party on!! Imagine what $6000+ means for a guy like that?

Friday, September 02, 2005

OH! Baby, give me one more chance!!

So is there anyone unhappy about all of the media coverage of Hurricane Katrina? Well there might be one!! Unlike the ONLY person not islamo-fascist who was happy about 9/11, Gary, Condit, who got releif after 9/11, Cindy Sh(forget it, I will NOT dis-honor her heroic son by using her last name) will be on the opposite side of that press spectrum as she feels the sting of the press having to cover something of real importance...


With Iowahawk on hiatus due to the disaster, I found this a great fill in! I found this due to old pal Ace-of-Spades! Great job on Marbles!

So why don't ya' kill me?!

I am reading the news and watching the news in horror for the people of New Orleans. Just a nightmare of lawlessness and desperation. As I watch this I also hear all the same accusations, conspiracy theories and psycho-babble as usual.

It's Bush's fault!

Not only did he cause the storm (global warming), but he caused the flood (HE didn't spend the money to shore up the levees) but he also caused the looting and killing (since he hates all blacks and poor folks) and he also dragged his feet with FEMA. Of course my personal favorite is that Katrina was a private in the Army of Allah!

I am pretty damn tired of seeing this type of behavior.

For the real blame, I think we need to ask the leaders of the city of New Orleans or Baton Rouge. Why are all of the people of New Orleans going to Houston? BECAUSE GALVESTON HAD A PLAN!! Galveston was nearly wiped out by a hurricane once so they made it a priority to have a solid game-plan in case it ever happened again. They built a seawall that cost the city, THE CITY, (mostly) millions of dollars.
" To prevent such a natural disaster from devastating the island in such magnitude again, the city built a seawall seven miles long and 17 feet high and began a tremendous grade raising project. Galveston's Seawall now extends 54,790 feet, one-third of Galveston's ocean front. Total cost was $14,497,399.
It stands 16 to 20 feet wide at the base and at the top ranges from three to five feet in width and is composed of granite, sandstone or concrete apron from 27 to 40 feet. Many structures were jacked up during the grade raising while dredges poured four to six feet of sand beneath them; in others (such as Ashton Villa) the fill was pumped into the raised basements. Residents used elevated wooden sidewalks to walk through town. The grade raising project began in 1902 and was completed in 1910 and included 500 city blocks. "

THE CITY made plans with Houston to send thousands of their poorest citizens to Houston in case something happened. Where is New Orleans plan? What has the Mayor of that city done to plan for this sort of thing? What did Baton Rouge do to plan for this sort of thing. EVERYONE acknowledges that New Orleans' levees could break in a class 4 or 5 hurricane. The state and city administrations KNEW that Katrina was on its way. Where was their plan? Where is their stronger levee? Where is the evacuation plan? The plan to help the sick, and non-ambulatory?

Why do they have this total reliance on George Bush when they hate him anyways. George Bush could personally go into the basement of the White House, cure AIDS and the left would blame him for cancer.

Loserbaby! That is what you all are. Show some compassion for the poorest of the people of New Orleans...These are Americans forced back in time and shifted to a lawless society that very, very few of them wanted or deserved.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming

While this isn't at Kent State, it is still in Ohio. Anyone not brain-dead should comprehend what this Marine has to say!

15 Minutes With You

I love music. All different kinds. Between my wife and my collection we have about 4500 songs solely off of CDs that we had legally bought and own. Having said that, I always seem to have a song in my head, imagine that! I am starting this blog in hopes of making it through the insanity of the deployment of my wife to Iraq, whom I could never say no to 15 minutes with.