Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Everybody's got to believe in something!

I believe I'll have another beer!

Great song, and after the Pats got so decimated, I hear today that Tedy Brushci is coming back. That leads me to not only over drink in the misery of the Pats loss (in Denver, always a tough place to play) but in celebration of one of the least recognized yet most loved NFL'ers to recently play the game. Ol' Tedy has been captain of the Pats D for years and in the NFL for 9 years. Last year he was recognized as a "Pro-Bowler" for the FIRST time (despite winning 3 super bowls, leading the "D.") In the meantime, he had a stroke. Should something happen to Tedy, due to his love of the Pats and the game in the future, it will suck for all of football. I will pray for Tedy, not only because I love the Pats, but because I love a good human being, and Tedy is one.

So am I a fan?

Keep in mind that when I was a child, my Dad fixed Steve Grogans TV set, and deliberately had to "run and get some stuff" and set aside his time to run over and bring my little seven year old ass over to the "QB's" house and brought a football for him to sign and asked me to tell Steve Groagan how much I loved Boston sports. He had me talking to Steve about about Bobby Orr, the Celtics, Yaz and Pudge Fisk (MY FAVORITE at this point, right about the time the foul pole was earned for him!) As a teenager in high school I remember sitting in the old Foxboro freezing my ass off on the aluminum benches wearing my Andre Tippet jersey (our #56) and rooting like crazy to stop Joe Montana from driving for two long drives in the fourth quarter. Of course Ol' joe smoked us. I was even suspended from school (the only time ever) for fighting after the 86 series. Of course we lived in CT by this point, and there were equal shares Mets/Yankees/Red Sox fans, so conflict ensued all over there.

See, I know that a lot of folks think the Pats are evil, and Belicheck is Lucifers son or whatever. Those of us that suffered through Bill Buckner, the 86 Chicago Bears, Brett Favre, the Oakland Athletics, the Bruins winning like crazy for a decade with Ray Bourque and never winning the Stanley Cup, and all the stuff that made Boston fans miserable. You also didn't "suffer" with us as we cried when Ray won the Stanley Cup with the Rockies... I remember watching that game with the wife, and I told her the Ray Bourque story, and it made her cry too. I am just saying that rooting for Boston teams (except for the Celtics) has meant a life filled with pain and disappointment. Until now. So yes, I do try and bask in the sun a little, because I was in the dark for so long!

I am sincerely hoping the White Sox win this World Series. I can't stand them, they trashed the Red Sox (that obviously isn't the point) but I recognize...I recognize Chicago as ONE of the FEW great sport cities. Chicagoans have been recognized obviously in the recent past. How could it get better than MJ??? Need I say more? Your thrashing of my tiny, underdog, wild-card Pats in 86, 46-10 (my sister, 15 at the time rooted for the "cool and hot" Jim McMahon!! How humiliating!) You may have performed the curse on yourselves with the Bears all due to Mike Ditka, though. By not letting the true gentleman of the NFL, Walter Payton score in the Super Bowl, giving it instead to ALL OF YOU KNOW WHO!!

So the Bulls were awesome, the Bears have sucked since. I sincerely hope that the White Sox smoke the NL...

Just me, and my predjudiced ass... Always hating NY teams, the Dallas Cowboys, and any team that the media just can't seem to get enough of.

Go White Sox! Go Tedy!!!


At Tue Oct 18, 01:35:00 PM, Blogger Desultory Girl said...

You New England fans are on the verge of lunacy. I haven't met one that's not almost there. ;)


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